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Twitter allows Iranian protests to continue, free speech questions arise

Twitter is facilitating democracy in Iran! The media is reveling in the idea that the tiny communication technology is calling forth democracy in one prong of the "Axis of Evil," accomplishing in mere days in Iran what our military failed to accomplish for years next door in Iraq. These events beg a question some analysts have been asking since the dawn of the so-called new economy, when the internet and digital communications became integrated with the for-profit privately held universe. The question goes something like: Who will guarantee free expression now that we depend on businesses to transmit those expressions?

School’s Photo Display Triggers Controversy Over Iraqi Children Victimized by War

The deep divisions wrought by five full years of war in Iraq are evident everywhere. At a small language-immersion school in Denver, a photo...

Divesting in Iran Could Prove a Problem for Public Pensions

First Sudan and now Iran. The road to stripping public pensions of immoral investments will require significant detours. Colorado has mapped out two. On Tuesday,...
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