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Wiretap: Hard questions loom over Iraq bombing

  Barack Obama made the hard call in Iraq, but he didn't answer the hardest questions. As John Cassidy asks in the New Yorker, "Once...

Ron Paul praises WikiLeaks, blasts America’s rush to war

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) delivered a strong anti-war message at an appearance this weekend in Des Moines, praising whistle blowers like WikiLeaks, questioning the use of drone missile strikes and calling for more information going out to citizens before the military intervenes overseas.

Udall, DeGette laud withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by end...

Two Colorado congressional leaders who opposed the Iraq War in the beginning praised today’s announcement by President Barack Obama that American troops will be withdrawn by the end of the year.

Huge majority says compromise needed to keep government up and running–further...

A new Bloomberg News poll indicates that nearly 8 in 10 Americans believe that legislators should reach a compromise on the federal budget in order to avert a government shutdown.

Rove on the Bush years: It’s everybody else’s fault

Washington memoirs are all about settling scores. Karl Rove’s “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight” takes that tradition to new and self-parodying heights. To read Rove’s recollections of George W. Bush’s White House is to believe that, for eight years, men of “courage and moral clarity” governed the United States and were beset by critics who refused to give them any credit. On page after page, Rove names the naysayers and picks apart their claims. He’s most at ease — his delight jumps right off of the page — when he’s able to recount times he shoved the criticisms back in their faces.

McKinley’s baffling animal rights bill succumbs to protest campaign

DENVER-- A complex bill apparently intended to strengthen animal protections in Colorado inspired contradictory interpretations and sparked a storm of protest this week. Sponsored by self-proclaimed cowboy and animal lover, Walsh Democratic Representative Wes McKinley, the bill sought mostly to set up new animal control rules and stiffen requirements for animal control personnel. Although detractors agreed with many of the bill's provisions, they said in remaking some of the rules, particularly those concerning impounding homeless dogs, the bill would end up in steep and unnecessary increases in euthanasia. A push to amend the bill failed. HB 1124 (pdf) was put down on a second reading in the House Friday afternoon.

Former Iraq security contractors say firm bought black market weapons

Last spring, the U.S. diplomatic mission in Iraq got a makeover,replacing the scandal-plagued Blackwater private security company with a firm named Triple Canopy. The new $1 billion contract cemented Triple Canopy's status as the pre-eminent provider of private security services in Iraq, with its heavily armed employees appearing side by side with senior State Department diplomats. But the company's rise to prominence followed a long, often chaotic route, marked by questionable weapons deals, government bungling and a criminal investigation that was ultimately closed without charges being filed, according to newly released investigative files.

Udall wants change to military culture that ‘stigmatizes’ mental health care

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall vowed Thursday to "hold to his commitment" to make sure soldiers receive the best mental health treatment available after...

Big Oil makes a comeback in Iraq

Add this news to the numerous reasons oil exploration and production are down on the Western Slope. From Slate.com's The Big Money:
"A welcome-back party for Big Oil" is how the Wall Street Journal today sums up the Iraqi government plan to open up its oil fields to the highest bidders after three decades of tight control under Saddam Hussein. Starting next week, the Iraqi government will begin auctioning off contracts to foreign countries, opening up a market with 115 billion barrels in "proven reserves." "If all goes according to plan in the first round, foreign oil companies will move in to help Iraq revive production at six developed fields that have suffered from years of war and neglect," the newspaper writes.

Polis joins Republicans Coffman, Lamborn voting against war funding

Talk about strange bedfellows. Tuesday night, liberal Democrat Jared Polis joined Colorado's two Republicans -- U.S. Reps. Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn -- voting against the $106 billion Iraq-Afghanistan war funding bill, which narrowly passed the House of Representatives on a 226-202 vote with strong Democratic support. The remainder of the state's House members, all four Democrats, voted for the bill.
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