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Reader’s view: Sen. Irene Aguilar on the anti-abortion video attack on...

The Colorado Independent's Nat Stein has been covering the recent hit videos against Planned Parenthood in "No stinger in sting video aimed at Denver...

Taming the South Platte River

Making sure there's plenty of clean water for people to use on a daily basis isn't easy in a world with 7 billion people....

Shocker: Medical marijuana testing and labeling bill survives kill committee

That photo above doesn't look like much. Look closer, though. What you're seeing is the moment after the Colorado Senate State Affairs committee --...

Patients ambushed by surprise medical bills

Frank Lacks, 51, suffered from intense abdominal pain, so he went to his local emergency room at the Aurora Medical Center. He felt confident his...

Udall rolls out first ‘women’s issues’ attack targeting Gardner’s record

  DENVER -- In the week after news broke that Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner would halt his reelection bid and run instead for the chance...

Dead bills: A day in the life of the Senate kill...

Today, Senator Lundberg sits before the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee with the tired look of a man facing a forgone conclusion.

Littwin: Shooting blanks

A stunning thing happened Monday at the Senate committee hearing to repeal background checks for private gun sales. Nothing happened.

Proposal to limit school board campaign cash likely doomed

There once was a time--you know it's true--when school board candidates in Colorado hoped to raise enough money for yard signs and a flyer to hand out or leave at doors. Times have changed.

Colorado lawmakers pull Arizona copycat bill from consideration

As protesters rallied on the capitol steps today in opposition to immigration legislation, lawmakers inside the building killed a bill designed as a copycat of a law passed last year in Arizona. Rep. Randy Baumgardner, R-Hot Sulphur Springs, one of the bill's sponsors, said it was being pulled from consideration because lawmakers did not want to burden the state with having to defend the law in court.

State Sen. Aguilar to introduce bill to study health care reform

Colorado’s newest Senator, Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, is completing draft legislation for a bill that could lead to health care insurance for all Colorado residents. She said that the bill would create a commission to study both the implementation and funding of a program she calls the Colorado Health Care Cooperative.
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