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Top prosecutor warns of scams circulating during COVID-19

Denver’s top prosecutor says scammers are finding opportunities for profit in the COVID-19 pandemic. In a conversation with Insight’s John Ferrugia, Denver District Attorney Beth...

Gardner championed obvious dark-money group in IRS probe

Citizen Awareness Project is a textbook dark money group. Shortly after it was founded in 2012, it threw more than $1 million of anonymous cash into campaigns against Democrats and Democratic causes in Colorado.

Colorado mulls forcing Citizens United to disclose donor identities

“No one's saying Citizens United can't make this movie or spend as much money as they want on it. All we’re asking for is that they comply with disclosure requirements in the Colorado constitution."

Documents suggest Rove, Norquist groups played beyond campaign finance limits

On its 2012 tax return, GOP strategist Karl Rove's dark money behemoth Crossroads GPS justified its status as a tax-exempt social welfare group in part by citing its grants of $35 million to other similarly aligned nonprofits.

Cruz Lights Up Colorado Conference Crowd Hungry for Confident Conservative Message

DENVER -- Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was the star speaker Saturday at Colorado Christian University’s fourth-annual Conservative Western Summit -- the first-term firebrand rallying the roughly 2,000 Republican voters here with an aggressive and unapologetic speech celebrating the power of the far-right message and detailing a plan through which he hopes to rewrite the nation’s tax code, abolish the IRS and sink the “Obamacare” health-care reform law by leading a move to starve it of funding during its crucial implementation phase.

Colorado gov’t watchdog scrap gains traction as IRS targets nonprofit finances

On the record, Jessica Peck isn't thinking much about a potential Internal Revenue Service investigation into her Denver-based watchdog Open Government Institute.

Colorado Ethics Watch seeks IRS investigation of Open Government Institute

Colorado Ethics Watch this week filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against the Open Government Institute of Colorado (OGI), asking for an investigation of actions allegedly taken by OGI to benefit the re-election campaign of U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, which Ethics Watch said could call into question OGI’s pending non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

Does the IRS really have it in for tea party groups?

Conservative activists and some Republican lawmakers are up in arms about what they describe as the Internal Revenue Service conducting a partisan and ideologically driven campaign against tea party groups around the country. They claim that progressive organizations are not experiencing the same level of scrutiny. However, some progressive groups say they have had similar experiences with the IRS, and at least one expert dismisses the notion that the government is engaged in an ideological witch hunt.

Political Catholic group seeks court ruling as defense against IRS

Catholic Answers, an information and advocacy group run by non-clergy members, last week asked the US Supreme Court to examine the way the Internal Revenue Service determines whether or not a nonprofit group has engaged in improper political activity. The group drew the attention of the IRS after criticizing Sen. John Kerry during his bid for president in 2004. To many, a case of this kind will seem long overdue, given the increasingly politicized nature of religious organizations in the United States over the last four decades.

Douglas Bruce featured on The Daily Beast

It wasn't enough for Doug Bruce to dedicate a large part of his life to reducing the taxes Coloradans pay. He apparently had to take it a step further and make his quest personal as well as professional.
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