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GEO-run Aurora ICE Detention Center is isolating immigrants – some mentally...

The former ICE detainee agreed to talk under one condition: That he be called “Elvis.” The Salvadoran with a pompadour and an “I’d rather be...

The Gray Box: The inhumanity of solitary confinement

This story, written by Colorado Independent editor Susan Greene, is among the work for which she is being honored this week by the ACLU...

Deja vu all over again on prolonged prison isolation

In the 1820s, the American penal system sought to end mutilating, amputating and putting convicts to death by housing them alone in isolation cells....

Head Cases

"There I was, lying on the concrete floor with a hole through my skull the size of a .50 caliber slug, trying to stop the profuse bleeding."

News Poem: ‘Deprivation’

Deep in the back seat of the dark car, his feet spread wide apart, the thing done that needed to be done made a deep slow breath taste sweet as whiskey. He nudged the little metal window lever forward, ermp. The window was already closed.

CO Prison Officials Acknowledge Chief’s Murder Tied to Solitary Confinement Policies

To have known Tom Clements during his first year in Colorado meant hearing a statistic, sometimes over and over again, that haunted him as director of the state’s Corrections Department.

Colorado ‘Treatment’ Facility Held Mentally Disabled Teen in Solitary for 25...

Fourteen-year-old Kiondre Davison had a habit of acting up in school and running away from home. Social services officials stepped in to help. They sent him to El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch, a teen treatment center that touts its “environment of safety and loving care.”