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Wiretap: The astonishing horror of ISIS captivity

In a terrifyingly sad and astonishing story in the New York Times, Rukmini Callimachi tells of the lives lived by the hostages in the days they were held by ISIS.

Littwin: Committed to #winning the war on terror, in the same...

  It was sad to watch, but, I guess, inevitable. In delivering a strong and decisive speech on how to deal with the ISIS threat,...

Udall gaffes, apologizes, nothing viral, yet

  Sen. Mark Udall in debate on Saturday in Grand Junction said the two U.S. journalists beheaded on video by members of the Islamic State...

Wiretap: A deadly ambush in Iraq?

It looks as if the Americanization of the fighting in Iraq, and possibly in Syria, is beginning in earnest. The United States is putting together a broad coalition of allies and will begin bombing in Northern Iraq, the New York Times writes.

Wiretap: The costs of war

  Nearly everyone seems to agree that the threat of the Islamic State is as real as its brutality. But Brian Fishman writes that if...

Littwin: Cruelty, shock escalate stakes in Iraq

  NOW we know what could go wrong in Iraq. What could go horribly, horribly wrong. The beheading of journalist Jim Foley by the Islamic State...

Wiretap: McConnell promises showdown redux

As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fights in Kentucky to keep his Senate seat, he lays out for Politico his plans if Republicans win the Senate. Strangely, it’s pretty much what Democrats say he would do if Republicans win the Senate.

Wiretap: Finding meaning in a life

Max Fisher writes for Vox.com that many people will try to find meaning in James Foley’s unspeakable death at the hands of ISIS. Fisher says, instead, that we should take our meaning from his life.
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