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Gay rights activist Marc Solomon: Americans will see latest religious freedom...

"The religious freedom argument is off," said Marc Solomon, a key figure in the long-haul grassroots campaign that has been dropping jaws over the...

It’s religious freedom day at the Colorado General Assembly

Despite setbacks, in Colorado, the religious freedom movement shows no sign of flagging.

Littwin: Counting the gasps

  THIS is the modern story of the death penalty. It begins with a horrific crime and ends, 25 years later, with a botched execution,...

Wiretap: At least now they’re trying

Cory Gardner's entrance into the race to take on Mark Udall is a huge political story. The moribund elephant that is the state Republican Party just flapped its ears and lifted its trunk for the first time in forever.

Wiretap: Arizona will likely kill its anti-gay religious freedom bill

They passed the bill and then came the uproar. Republican senators called on Gov. Jan Brewer to veto it. Business leaders came out against it. The Super Bowl committee came out against it.

Supreme Court hears Arizona immigration case today

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today on the legality of four provisions contained in Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. Analysts on both side of this issue say the court’s eventual decision will affect the future of state immigration laws across the U.S.

Arizona Latinos rising up against ethnic studies ban

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer famously wagged her finger at President Obama when he visited the state a week ago. Today, though, it is Brewer who is on the receiving end of a scolding as the Latino community rises up in protest against a law banning ethnic studies in the state’s schools.

2011 voter-war dispatch: Arizona court rebukes Guv Brewer

The latest dispatch from the frontlines of the voter wars crisscrossing the country this year comes from Phoenix. The Arizona supreme court ruled that political lightning-rod Governor Jan Brewer failed to justify ousting Colleen Mathis as chair of the state's Independent Redistricting Commission. The court reinstated Matthis.

Conservatives denounce new deportation policy as ‘backdoor amnesty’

Republicans and immigration enforcement hawks are denouncing the Obama administration’s newly announced policy of selective deportation. The policy would have the government evaluate each person currently in deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis using multiple criteria which were outlined in a memo issued by ICE director John Morton in June. Many undocumented immigrants without criminal records would be allowed to indefinitely stay in the United States and apply for work permits.

Signatures in for Pearce recall

It didn't take long for Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce's opponents to gather enough signatures to force a recall election. More than 8000 signatures have been certified already, several hundred more than were needed.
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