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Task force to Homeland Security: Stop Secure Communities

Former members of a task force on Secure Communities sent a letter this week to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano calling on her to suspend the immigration enforcement program.

Watch the NBA All-Star game today to see Carmelo one last...

If you tune in the NBA All-Star game today to get a last happy look at Carmelo Anthony as a Denver Nugget, you will also be asked to join the front lines of American anti-terrorism work.

Flashback: Tancredo on the virtual border fence boondoggle

The long-coming death of the Bush-era project to build a "virtual fence" along the U.S.-Mexico border was officially announced Friday. Since 2005, taxpayers have shelled out $15 million a mile for roughly 53 miles of networked cameras, ground sensors and radar that can't tell the difference between swaying plants and border-hopping humans. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the Obama administration is scrapping the Boeing-contracted billion-dollar boondoggle in favor of "proven technologies" like chain link. Colorado anti-illegal immigration warrior and conservative politics icon Tom Tancredo last year said the Obama administration likely has mixed feelings about the end of the virtual fence project. He said the non-fence was great for Democrats because it served the dual purpose of making it seem like the country was addressing the flow of illegal immigration without actually addressing the problem.

In high country, worry over economic backlash from McInnis immigration stance

Mexican tourism and immigration have long been powerful economic drivers in the resort counties former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis used to represent in Congress. Now some Western Slope residents are worried gubernatorial candidate McInnis will destroy that dynamic.

Tom Tancredo: Sarcastic twitter blogger

Former Colorado Congressman, anti-illegal alien firebrand, talk-radio host, Republican candidate thorn-in-side Tom Tancredo has taken his long mockery of newly non-mavericked Arizona Sen. John...

WATCH: Tancredo calls on Napolitano to resign in wake of rancher...

Former Congressman and anti-illegal immigration hawk Tom Tancredo today posted a YouTube ratcheting up his criticism of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano,...

Tancredo demands Napolitano send National Guard to Arizona border

Former U.S. Congressman and anti-illegal immigration firebrand Tom Tancredo called on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Sunday to send the national guard to the Arizona border, where rancher Rob Krentz was killed this weekend, reportedly by drug smugglers.

SPLC report backs up Napolitano: Right-wing extremism on the rise

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports this week that since Barack Obama took office, extremist so-called patriot groups grew 244 percent, the number of...

Apparent immigration detention abuses spark calls in Colorado for reform

The detention policies of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in Colorado and the network of facilities that has grown here in the last few years are drawing increasing attention among local lawmakers and human rights organizations. Critics of the system say men and women held on suspicion of immigration violations in the state are housed in conditions that rival those established for violent criminal offenders, that the immigrants are becoming fodder for a booming detention industry, and that detainees are often difficult to locate in the tangle of state facilities, which include unlisted so-called subfield offices.

Are they still boarding planes? Tuesday was deadline for new ‘Real...

Is Real ID a really failed policy? The Bush-era Real ID Act of 2005 sought to impose standards for identification materials across the country. In...
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