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Jay Marvin vowed to move beyond Udall — and he has

Everyone, it seems, is atwitter over Denver radio talk show host Jay Marvin’s rant on U.S. Sen-elect Mark Udall, who apparently slighted not only Marvin but his wife Mary and is a “cold removed man.” But Marvin himself is way past all that — after removing the Udall-bashing blog that he posted Dec. 5, Marvin opined that it is time to move on — and move on he has. Sen. John Kyl of Arizona, who allegedly is “so full of shit it will make your head spin,” is officially Marvin’s new punching bag.

Jay Marvin, Richard Cizik and … parasailing with Bob Schaffer

Thanks Jay Marvin, for having the Colorado Independent on your fabulous AM760 radio talk show this morning to talk about Richard Cizik, James Dobson and … unexpectedly, U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer and his trip to the Marianas Islands where he said he witnessed no forced abortions. For those who missed our original Sept. 22 interview with Cizik, the influential director of governmental affairs of the 30-million-member National Association of Evangelicals, here is that link. In that interview, Cizik talks about Creation Care, presidential politics, Sarah Palin and his disappointment over John McCain’s lack of principle.
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