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Senate clashes over largest budget in state history

The Senate passed the record-breaking $26 billion budget without the support of many Democrats, who felt they had been "shut out" of the process...

Dems Hamner and Young join powerful budget committee, Duran and May...

Just after she was elected the first female Democratic Speaker of the House, Boulder Rep. Dicky Lee Hullinghorst was tasked with replacing two of the most...

Joint Budget Committee compromises, introduces budget

The Joint Budget Committee comes to terms on budget and averts a stand-off. Bill restores some education funding and scales back some PERA contributions.

Agreement reached on budget as both sides compromise

A tentative budget agreement was struck between Senate Democrats and House Republicans this morning after Democrats agreed to satellite legislation that has been the sticking point for Republicans.

Budget long bill still in dispute–process shrouded in secrecy

The long bill, scheduled to drop over a week ago and again expected to hit the floor of the Senate Monday, is still hung up in the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) where Senate Democrats say House Republicans have been unwilling to budge on tax breaks.

State budget number still up in the air as legislators refuse...

The Senate pulled the plug on the struggling HJR 1007, leaving the General Assembly out of compliance with state law and the Joint Budget Committee with no consensus revenue projection by which to budget.

State House continues battle over phantom money

The Republican controlled State House today voted to adhere to its position on a House joint resolution that provides budget guidance. The move scuttled a scheduled conference committee and puts the legislature further out of compliance with state statutes.

Budget bickering moves to Senate, where Morse restores funds cut by...

The partisan feud over a largely symbolic budget resolution spilled over into the Senate today, where Majority Leader John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, amended Joint House Resolution 1007 to effectively remove a Republican amendment that lowered revenue expectations by 2.7 percent.

Tancredo calls for special session; Ritter says no

American Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo today asked Gov. Bill Ritter to call a special session of the state legislature to deal with...