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Denver Justice Center naming contest slams shut Dec. 10

While the "Bastille on Elati Street" may not have the right je nais se quoi, the city is seeking citizen recommendations to name the new $378 million Denver Justice Center slated to be completed this time next year.

Denver seeks poll workers with promise of free lunch, good karma

Need some cash come Election Day? The Denver Elections Commission is paying up to $15 an hour for poll workers to staff voting locations around the city.

Denver city government gushes over DNC police force

In the wake of the Democratic National Convention, Denver's elected officials have kvelled over the massive police presence at the DNC. Last week, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper delivered laurels to the city's police department for their efforts to quell some protest activities.

Denver City Council sidesteps the ballot initiative process

Denver just became a bit more populist.

Last week, city voters approved a proposal to streamline the process by which citizens can place initiatives on the ballot. Referred Question 1A on the Denver ballot, which passed with 70 percent of the vote during last Tuesday's primary, will rid the city charter of an awkward formality.

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