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Colorado energy-policy protesters, counter protesters find common ground

LONGMONT-- The right and left protesters and counter-protesters gathered here off a sprawling suburban four-lane road and around a wall-less field house at the Boulder County Fairgrounds agreed on at least two things: that the group hosting the gathering, Americans for Prosperity, is suffering an image problem and that government subsidies to oil and gas companies have got to end.

Tea Party ralliers praise Ryan budget and Wisconsin union busting

Tea Party and Koch-funded libertarian organizations took to the Capitol steps Friday in an attempt to call on Colorado legislators and politicians to fight against union rights in Wisconsin and voice their commitment to Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan.

The race to succeed Wadhams: A contest of God, guns and...

In the wake of Dick Wadhams’ exit from GOP leadership, a shootout is erupting over the soul of the state Republican Party. Wadhams this week said he is done with the political sniping – particularly from Tea Party and 9-12 sectors - and is not seeking a third term as party chair.

Colorado Tea Partiers rally in capitol chambers and on the steps

DENVER--Members of Colorado Tea Party and 912 groups and the libertarian think tank Independence Institute attended a "grassroots session" and rally sponsored by Americans For Prosperity at the Capitol Wednesday. The activists met with GOP lawmakers for a strategy session in the Old Senate chambers and then gathered on the capitol steps. The rally lured a familiar group of Republican lawmakers, led this time by Yuma state Rep. Cory Gardner, who is also running to represent the Fourth Congressional district in Washington.

Wagging the dog: Penry says Tea Party ‘ultimate indictment’ of prodigal...

Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry on KVOR's Jeff Crank Show gave a big shout out to Tea Partiers across the state this weekend, telling...

News Nuggets: 28 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. DUELING RALLIES: Old Town Fort Collins could be plenty crowded during the lunch hour Wednesday. The Obama-oriented Organizing for America reoriented...

Dean of the GOP delegation Lamborn settling into role

Rep. Doug Lamborn — now the dean of Colorado’s Republican congressional delegation — has settled comfortably into his new role, if the ramped up communications coming from his Washington headquarters are any indication.

Crank turns T-shirt merchant with anti-Obama design

Three weeks after losing a rematch in the 5th Congressional District primary, Republican Jeff Crank is in St. Paul vending a T-shirt that warns against electing Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Featuring the familiar Obama logo with an added mushroom cloud, the "Obama bin Biden" shirts have generated plenty of interest at the Republican National Convention, Crank tells Politicker CO's Jeremy Pelzer.

Alan Philp, Eliot Spitzer Spice Up Jeff Crank’s Campaign

It was all fun and games, what with disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer joining both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...

Karma Dull vs Barf Sob Chef

Props to the irreverent Newspeakblog.com for recently giving props to Colorado Confidential's story about Focus on the Family's peculiar Pray For Election Day Red...
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