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Doug Linkhart to be top name on Denver mayoral ballot

Drawing names randomly out of a bowl last night, it was determined that Doug Linkhart's name will be listed first on ballots for Denver Mayor.

Denver voters reject space-alien commission

Voters panned a proposal to create a city commission to prepare for extraterrestrial visitors. The man behind the proposal lamented in the language of...

Early Bird Special: Jackson’s death could cost Anschutz some big bucks

Here’s our daily roundup of some of the news around Colorado that caught our attention: • Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz could take a serious bath...

Denver City Council sidesteps the ballot initiative process

Denver just became a bit more populist.

Last week, city voters approved a proposal to streamline the process by which citizens can place initiatives on the ballot. Referred Question 1A on the Denver ballot, which passed with 70 percent of the vote during last Tuesday's primary, will rid the city charter of an awkward formality.

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