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Validity of Bartkowicz pot bust to undergo first review

Colorado's medical marijuana chronicles went federal this weekend when the state's top drug cop, DEA special agent Jeff Sweetin, seemed to directly defy the Attorney General and the Obama administration by raiding a Highlands Ranch home a day after owner Chris Bartkowicz spoke to KUSA-TV 9News about his major basement marijuana grow operation. Bartkowicz showed 9News his medical-marijuana license and the documentation for the people to whom he serves as a caregiver. He said he was "living the dream." Sweetin and his agents were apparently embarrassed.

Friday’s Colorado pot-raiding DEA agent Sweetin sweetened up by Sunday

Has someone spoken with Drug Enforcement Administration special agent Jeff Sweetin, the man behind Friday's high profile pot raid in Highlands Ranch? Someone like...

Heated E-Mail A-OK For DEA

A fiery e-mail sent by a federal agent from his government address does not violate employee policy, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)...