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Littwin: In case you missed it, there was a day in...

This was a big week in the long-running matter of The Truth vs. Donald J. Trump, in which The Truth scored a rare, but...

D’Souza lights up Colorado GOP fundraiser with ‘Obama against America’ theory

The Colorado GOP last week hosted bestselling politics author and rhetorical bomb-thrower Dinesh D’Souza. It was the second Capital Club luncheon the party has hosted since "moderate" state party Chair Ryan Call took the reins from Dick Wadhams in March. D'Souza told the crowd President Obama subscribes to an anti-colonial ideology that sets him against the unique American qualities that have made the U.S. great. D'Souza said Obama wants to "take the country down from being number one."

Corsi v Obama: Birther industry meets election industry 2011

Righty activist author Jerome Corsi's latest anti-Obama book, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" is climbing the ranks at Amazon. It's now reportedly number 22 with a bullet. The Obama reelection campaign is using news of the book release to fundraise. WorldNetDaily, internet birther headquarters and also publisher of Corsi's book, is using the Obama fundraising campaign to promote the book. The back and forth is sad and entertaining and will generate a lot of revenue on both sides. U-S-A!

Number one with a dagger: Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’ available for free!

The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel reports that National Review is riding the Palin memoir phenomenon by posting a blog all about the book but...

Palin insta-memoir ‘Going Rogue’ priced to sell at $9

Former governor Sarah Palin completed her memoir in four months. She knew what she wanted to say, apparently, and had Lynn Vincent, a senior...
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