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Wiretap: In cutting a deal with Dems, Trump strikes a blow...

If you had in your pool a Republican Party civil war in Year One of the Trump administration, you may be a winner. Trump...

Watch for the wave: Amazon to pay sales tax in California

Struggling with an ongoing recession-era budget crisis that has seen hundreds of millions of dollars slashed from public education alone, Colorado lawmakers tried and failed to get mega-online retailer Amazon to pay state sales taxes last year. Amazon successfully dodged similar efforts in other states, but the tax man came calling in cash-strapped California last spring and, after dumping $5 million on a ballot initiative to oppose the new online tax law, Amazon announced on Wednesday it had made a deal with state lawmakers. It will charge sales tax in the Golden State next year. That gives Amazon and other online retailers just months to press federal lawmakers to pass a national law that thins their obligations in the states.

Denver Archbishop Chaput: In video game ruling, court ignored lesson of...

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has weighed in on the recent Supreme Court decision (pdf) that struck down a law banning the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. His arguments in favor of restricting the availability of video games echo his views on gay marriage and civil unions. Government should step in, he says, and bar gay marriage and restrict violent video game availability based on the "common sense" threats they pose. In opening an essay on the topic, Chaput references the 1999 Columbine school shootings.

Coloradans cast eyes on Amazon battle waging in California

Colorado lawmakers staring down an historic recession budget deficit last year passed legislation requiring Amazon.com to finally begin collecting sales taxes in the state. It didn't go so well. Amazon is still doing business here tax free. A similar battle is waging now in California, only on a greater scale, drawing the eyes of politics and business watchers in Colorado and around the nation. The California case likely won't go as well for Amazon as the Colorado case did. Amazon does huge online business in California and it also has a physical presence in the state, for example in the Silicon Valley warehouse where it develops its Kindle readers. Indeed, the tide seems generally to be turning against the online retailer, which has grown massive over the past two decades, spreading its roots in the fertile ground of a tax-free internet fairyland.

California breaks ground on world’s largest solar panel project

A California solar panel complex that officials say will be the largest of its kind in the world after its completion broke ground Friday in a ceremony that featured U.S. Dept. of Interior Sec. Ken Salazar and Gov. Jerry Brown.

Fannie and Freddie freeze innovative home alt energy programs

Innovative homeowner alternative energy financing mechanisms approved by voters last November in Pitkin, Eagle and Gunnison counties have been put on hold due to...

Primary Day notebook: Four stories to watch

Tuesday, today, is Major Primary Day 2010. Voters go to the polls in California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina,...

Dumpster diving students get the 411 on Palin speaking deal

The latest in the endless stream of Sarah Palin news rocketing around the web is that California state dumpster diving college kids did what...

Calif. Attorney General: ACORN committed no criminal acts

The California attorney general's office yesterday found the anti-poverty organization ACORN guilty of no criminal acts. The investigation, which came to the same conclusion...
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