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Hickenlooper would defy state Dems and reinstate tax-free ‘enterprise zones’

COMMERCE CITY-- Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper presented his "road map" (Video part 1) (Video part 2) for Colorado job creation and economic growth last week. The road map puts him at odds with some Democratic members of the Colorado legislature who took pains this session to repeal the state's so-called "enterprise zones" where businesses are exempted from paying taxes. Hickenlooper told the Colorado Independent that he strongly supported enterprise zones as a way to spur new business activity and that as governor he would look to promote them as a first order of business.

Colorado maternity coverage expanded by law signed today

Colorado women not enrolled in insurance group plans won maternity coverage today, as Gov. Bill Ritter signed HB 1021 into law at Children's Hospital....

Beefed up maternity health insurance bill sails through the House

DENVER-- Lawmakers Monday passed a bill in the Colorado House that would require health insurance companies to include prenatal and birth control in all plans offered to women on the individual health care market. Sponsored by Denver Democrats Beth McCann and Jerry Frangas, the bill was stripped of this strong provision in committee weeks ago in order to move it onto the floor. House watchers expected to see a fight on the floor but the bill passed on a voice vote, with only minimal questioning from conservative Monument Republican Amy Stephens, who asked if the bill would now cover so-called Plan B contraception, the "morning after" pill, which some see as akin to abortion.

Colorado maternity insurance bill moves out of committee

DENVER-- Two Denver Democrats reluctantly diluted the bill they co-sponsored aimed at expanding maternity coverage in Colorado. The move took attendees at the House hearing for the bill Wednesday by surprise. Health insurance lobbyists shuffled their papers and gazed at one another as Reps. Jerry Frangas and Beth McCann explained that they would amend the bill to make it more friendly to the insurance industry in order to make sure it passed through committee and onto the floor of the House.

PBS interviews Katie Redding on maternity health insurance bill

The Rocky Mountain PBS blog Panorama interviewed Colorado Independent writing fellow Katie Redding this week about a bill sponsored by Denver Rep. Jerry Frangas...

Who exactly voted down that single-payer resolution?

News outlets across Colorado Monday published a four-sentence AP story reporting that "Colorado lawmakers" rejected a resolution urging Congress to pass a single-payer health...
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