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Tancredo plays down GOP tensions, points supporters to Jihad Watch screed

Anti-illegal immigration warrior and former Colorado GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo ran for governor as an American Constitution Party candidate, but now he's back in the fold and talking about the future of his Republican party. He sent an email to supporters this morning on the rift between the moderate and conservative wings of the Colorado GOP. Just so readers know where he stands, he linked to a hard-line provocative Jihad Watch article on the threat posed to America by Muslim immigrants.

Making Muslims justify their Americanness

Being asked just because you're Muslim to prove you don’t support Hezbollah is as hopeless as being asked just because you wear sleeveless t-shirts...

Peter Boyles promotes the Jihad Watch line: Among Muslims, extremism is...

On Friday, KHOW's radio talk show host Peter Boyles hosted Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer. In conversation, the two men agreed that the kind of extremist beliefs that lead to terrorist acts is actually mainstream for Muslims, given the radical politics they said defines Islam. Politically correct opinions of Islam that failed to accept this interpretation, they said, were putting national safety at risk.
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