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VIDEO: Job claims tied to Keystone pipeline expanded like hot-air balloon

Republican lawmakers, conservative media outlets and energy industry lobbyists and spokespeople decried President Obama's decision yesterday to deny a permit for the proposed Keystone XL 1,700-mile pipeline that would have carried tar sands oil from Canada across the Great Plains to refineries on the Gulf Coast. They made much of the jobs the project would have created in the U.S. Was it a thousand jobs? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? Maybe a million? The estimates seemed to jump every hour the proposal was on the table. Media Matters has released a video tracking the wildly rising estimates, a cautionary note at a time when every potential campaign donor pet project is touted for the alleged jobs would create.

Perlmutter backs Gardner offshore drilling bill for sake of ‘energy independence’

Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter today defended his decision to go against the Colorado Democratic Party and vote with the state’s GOP majority in supporting Republican Cory Gardner’s controversial Jobs and Energy Permitting Act (H.R. 2021).

Colorado Dem party chair: Gardner continues to ‘live in the pocket’...

Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio today went on the offensive against U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, a Colorado Republican who has sponsored a bill being debated on the House floor that would remove regulatory hurdles for companies engaged in offshore drilling in Alaska.

EPA: Gardner bill would up air-pollution ante off Alaska coast

Colorado 4th Congressional District Rep. Cory Gardner has been steadily trying to chip away at the regulatory authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since taking office in January, and Colorado conservation groups are increasingly targeting the freshman Republican for backing “Big Oil” interests above environmental concerns.
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