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Liveblog: Joe Biden continues the blue collar Colorado tour

Racing from rural Greeley, the Biden caravan is heading into blue collar territory with a swing through the aptly-named Commerce City, a small industrial community north of Denver. And with the 45-mile commute south, the campaign has traded in the unmistakable stench of feed lots and animal rendering at the Greeley meat packing plant for the decidedly pungent scent of oil refineries and diesel exhaust here. I'm at the Adams City High School gym — home of the Eagles — with an expected capacity crowd of 1,500 filling old wood bleachers and folding chairs on the basketball floor.

Liveblog: Biden stumps in Greeley

Joe Biden makes his first foray into Colorado as the Democratic VP nominee by sticking a finger in the eye of the Republican Party where the Kerry-Edwards 2004 presidential ticket picked up a measly 36 percent of the vote. We're liveblogging at the University of Northern Colorado, home of the rural political bellwether of Weld County on the first leg of Biden's two-day campaign swing through Colorado.

Denver archbishop takes swipe at Obama, Biden over abortion rights

In a speech titled, "Little Murders," Denver Diocese Archbishop Charles Chaput delivered a scathing critique of democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, his Catholic running mate Joe Biden and liberal Catholic groups at a dinner Friday.

Biden sets ‘Early Vote for Change’ rallies in Greeley, Commerce City

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden plans to take his bus tour through Colorado on Tuesday and Wednesday with "Early Vote for Change" rallies scheduled for Greeley, Commerce City, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. It will be Biden's first visit to the state since accepting his party's nod at the Democratic National Convention in August and comes a day after Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin barnstorms the state.

Joe Biden’s patriotic teeth: A gleaming beacon of hope

Some candidates make clean teeth part of their campaign platform. Others just have great teeth. Joe Biden's pearly whites have inspired their own website, "Joe Biden's Teeth 2008," dedicated to, well, something about the VP nominee's highly patriotic teeth.

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Palin’s polar-bear pin a prickly issue for environmentalists

Because she was wearing a white pin on a white blouse (after Labor Day no less), TV viewers may have missed it, but at a campaign stop Monday in Hampton Roads, Va., Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin once again trotted out her popular polar-bear brooch.

Behind-the-scenes DNC video captures more innocent time

Step back in time to the distant past of late August. Barely six and a half weeks ago, the Democratic National Convention had just concluded on an historic high note, the polls were tied, and we'd never heard of Troopergate, aerial wolf killing, John McCain was running an honorable campaign and the economy hadn't yet locked up.

PPP Colorado poll: Obama up 10, Udall crushing Schaffer

A new voter snapshot released by Public Policy Polling spells good news for the Obama-Biden presidential ticket and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall with each campaign leading its opponent by 10 points overall and seemingly insurmountable leads with key constituency groups.

Survey shows unmarried women prefer Obama

Single women have long been a tough group for political hopefuls. They tend to turn out for Democrats, but that's assuming they turn out at all. Their married counterparts are more apt to show up at the polls, even though single women have graver economic concerns. But that may be changing, according to a study (pdf) commissioned by Women's Voices. Women Vote Action Fund, a Washington, D.C.-based organization devoted to shoring up the female vote.

More of the same on same-sex marriage from VPs

In Thursday night’s debate between vice presidential candidates Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, gay rights surfaced briefly enough for both VP nominees to agree that they did not support same-sex marriage. The issue, which has been used to motivate the conservative base in past elections, has flown under the radar in this year’s presidential campaign.
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