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INVESCO dispatches: The headliners are up

Al Gore gets a raucous reception from the 75,000 strong at INVESCO. More on the flipside. 6:49 p.m.: Gore slams McCain on environment and green economy Where...

Democrats come out swinging

The gloves came off. A line was drawn in the sand. While the first night of the Democratic National Convention was about family, and the second night emphasized party unity, then the third night is best described as a political beat down. The list of Democratic heavyweights included President Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama's new running mate Sen. Joe Biden. All three attacked the Republican Party, John McCain and America's current direction.

Hillary Clinton at the DNC: ‘Barack Obama is my candidate’

For all the hoopla about embittered New York Senator Hillary Clinton hijacking the Democratic National Convention, the erstwhile presidential candidate deferred to Barack Obama during her 25 minute speech at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday night. "Barack Obama is my candidate," said Clinton amid cheers. "And he must be our President."

As Clinton prepares to speak, reluctant supporters coalesce behind Obama

With Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention just hours away, many of the New York senator’s committed feminist supporters are softening toward the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket. While steadfast Clinton supporters are clamoring for her nomination on the floor of the convention tomorrow, there are indications that the disappointment and disillusionment of the past several months are slowly melting away as Clinton backers heed the call for party unity.

Joe Biden: The good, the bad and the ugly

Our Michigan Messenger colleague Ed Brayton dissects Democratic Vice Presidential pick Joe Biden's record in the Senate ahead of his nomination this week.

AP: Obama picks Biden as veep

AP is reporting that Sen. Barack Obama will announce on Saturday morning that Delaware Sen. Joe Biden will join him on the Democratic presidential ticket, according to an anonymous source within the campaign.

My crystal ball on Obama’s VP pick

Based not at all on politics nor inside information nor gut instinct, just a simple examination of a few tea leaves, here’s my crystal ball on Obama’s pick for VP.
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