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Wiretap: Congress failed the unemployed; Gessler blew up his own budget

The failure of Congress to do anything about the long-term unemployed is the real scandal of 2014. The big losers in the political game: The many Americans who can't find a job.

After the bilious newspaper tribe dies, journalism will thrive

A few months after the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, another western paper bites the dust. Last week, Gannet shuttered the Tucson Citizen, which hobbled along under bad management for years. The Citizen's closing edition has already become an ignominious artifact of the end of the newspaper era, mostly for the classy middle-finger salute it raised to the Internet and online journalism:

‘Colorado Matters’ to Air Segment on Capitol Press Credential Flap

Restrictions to Media Access at State Capitol Joe Hanel, who covers the state capitol for the Durango Herald, and Wendy Norris, managing editor of Colorado...

Colorado Confidential Founder Responds To Baseless Claim

The founder and CEO of Colorado Confidential's parent company is challenging a reporter who has publicly claimed that this news organization has direct links...

‘Real’ Colorado Journalists Wear Purple

In journalism, it's been termed the Battle between the Old and the New. And when news reporters who remain among the dwindling ranks of...
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