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State Democratic leaders issue statements on bin Laden’s death

Democratic leaders of the Colorado General Assembly and Gov. John Hickenlooper released statements today praising President Barack Obama and members of the armed forces who orchestrated and performed the military operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.

Rice starts voter petition demanding Norton take down 9-11 ad

Colorado and national Democrats are expressing outrage at a recent Jane Norton recent campaign ad that evokes the 9-11 attacks to criticize the Obama...

Ferrandino wins key battle in payday loan war

DENVER-- Denver Democrat Mark Ferrandino's effort to rein in the payday loan industry came under heavy fire on the House floor Thursday by Democrats and Republicans who say they fear the regulations the bill would impose would destroy the payday loan industry and throw workers unto the unemployment rolls, a line of attack advanced defiantly by payday lobbyists here for weeks. On the floor today, more lawmakers thought the payday industry, which offers short-term loans characterized by high interest and fast-rising fees, should be regulated. Ferrandino's bloc prevailed by just one vote.

Colorado payday loan regulation battle moves backstage

DENVER-- The war to regulate payday loans in Colorado continues behind the scenes at the capitol here. Lobbyists and lawmakers are working hard to shore up votes for and against legislation introduced by Denver Democrats Rep. Mark Ferrandino and Sen. Chris Romer weeks ago. The bill is stalled for now as negotiations over proposed amendments continue. "We are working the bill hard," Ferrandino told the Colorado Independent. "And, as you know, the other side is definitely working it hard, too."

Forward-thinking pro-business tax-break laws go into effect tomorrow

Two laws go into effect tomorrow that provide tax breaks to businesses in order to promote job growth and future-looking clean-energy businesses. Tax cuts...

State Rep. Rice to ship out to Baghdad for fourth military...

Army Reserve Colonel and Littleton Democrat Joe Rice announced today that he will be deployed to Iraq this month — his fourth tour to the war-torn region to train Iraqi security forces.

Battle on oil and gas regs foreshadows key 2010 election issue

With new, more environmentally stringent oil- and gas-drilling regulations a perfunctory state Senate vote and gubernatorial signature away from going into effect next month, all the Republican gnashing of teeth seems to have fallen largely on deaf ears.

Intact FASTER bill to raise vehicle registration fees passes House vote

SB 108, the so-called FASTER plan to fund road and bridge repairs, is just a couple of minor procedural steps from hitting Gov. Bill Ritter’s desk for a signature after the state House of Representatives passed it 34-31 on final reading Wednesday.

Rice not buying GOP outcry over oil and gas regulations

Rep. Joe Rice, D-Littleton, said he’s perplexed by the growing drumbeat from Republicans who want to gut the new oil and gas drilling regulations or at least delay them for a year or two.

Seat Belt Law Unstrapped By House

The House of Representatives has unstrapped a plan to allow cops to pull people over for not wearing their seat belts as a primary...
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