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Mobbed Joe the Plumber reflective at Take Back America Conference

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher was a late addition to the speaker lineup at the How to Take Back America Conference last weekend in...

Conservative conference attendees bask in recent success

PITTSBURGH – Scott and Anna Allegrini founded The Children of Liberty shortly after the inauguration of President Barack Obama. It was a small group that would meet at the local library in Sylvania, Ohio, bringing in guest lecturers to talk about economics and the words of America’s founders. What they learned made them ever more concerned about the state of America.

Joe the Plumber derides ‘nanny state’ at Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms...

A record crowd gathered to thumb their collective noses at the encroaching "nanny state" and listen to the words of Sam Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, Saturday at the Independence Institute's annual Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Party. Revelers made their way about an hour east of Denver to the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club outside Bennett, where an estimated 225 supporters gathered to shoot clay pigeons, imbibe potent potables and puff on cigars at the Golden-based think tank's annual fundraiser, dubbed “the most politically incorrect event of the year."

Joe the Plumber on tap to attend Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms...

Independence Institute honcho Jon Caldera is wooing Joe the Plumber to attend the conservative think-tank's summer Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms gathering, dubbed "the most politically incorrect event of the year," Denver Post gossip columnist Bill Husted notes. Caldera "says he's this close to closing the deal to have Plumber (a.k.a. Samuel Wurzelbacher) as the speaker" at the shindig, Husted reports.

‘Joe the Plumber?’ Don’t know him

Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media and PJTV reacts to their conservative commentator Samuel Wurzelbacher’s Christianity Today interview:
It should go without saying that this view in no way reflects the views of Pajamas Media or Pajamas TV. Speaking personally, as a very public supporter of gay marriage, I couldn’t disagree more with Mr. Wurzelbacher’s position on this matter.
But will they get rid of him?

‘Joe the Plumber’ on Dobson, ‘queers’ and GOP rebranding

Conservative movement pitchman Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, continues his rather controversial revisionist American history tour with free-wheeling remarks invoking states rights and the Biblical origins of the U.S. Constitution. In an interview published in Christianity Today, Joe the Plumber opines on politics and GOP rebranding efforts while professing his love for James Dobson and slurring "queers" whom he won't let near his children.

Nobel winners go for Obama, Joe the Plumber sticks with McCain

76 American Nobel Prize winners have endorsed Barack Obama for President. In an open letter, they praised Obama's "emphasis during the campaign on the power of science and technology to enhance our nation's competitiveness." Meanwhile, John McCain has earned the endorsement of working class American "Joe the Plumber," who is neither a licensed plumber nor named Joe (it's Samuel Wurzelbacher for those who are wondering).
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