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Littwin: Obamacare lives!

  Now that the Obamacare sign-up deadline has more or less passed, it is more or less official: Obamacare is not a catastrophe. With a little...

Hungry for immigration reform

Immigration-policy-reform organizer Rudy Lopez, and local faith, labor and business leaders see an opening with Colo. Rep. Mike Coffman. They may well be disappointed.

Littwin: Still stuck at ‘self deport’

  If you want to understand the brief life and painful death of the House Republican plan for immigration reform, you don't have to travel...

Wiretap: Unemployment benefits end for a million Americans

And another 72,000 will lose benefits every month. At no time in the last 65 years have so many workers been without either a job or a government lifeline.

Wiretap: Zen Congress still working hard at doing nothing

It's just another day on Capitol Hill, where nothing seems to ever get done.

The real point of Obama’s speech

The President didn't have much new to offer in his State of the Union address -- in fact, nothing really new -- but he did, it turns out, have a lot to say.

Littwin: Boehner breaks free

Are you kidding me? John Boehner goes all Travis Bickle on the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. And he not only beats them (at least for now), he annihilates 'em.

Kathleen Sebelius doesn’t really need to be there

When Speaker of the House John Boehner said his Republican caucus needed to learn how to speak to women, maybe it was because he was watching the Sebelius Obamacare hearings.

Wiretap: Bad Ideas Inc. wants Colorado to host more recall elections

The Washington Post reports on gun control groups meeting here in Denver to figure out what to do about the Democratic state senators who were recalled for their gun votes. One plan, it seems, would be to try some recalls of their own.

From the Congressional Junket File: Yes, Gardner went to Ireland

Colorado Rep Cory Gardner and his wife Jaime took a $17,000 five-day trip to Ireland in August, paid for by the Republican Party Ripon Society and the oil-magnate Koch brothers-funded Franklin Center.
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