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New NOM chairman Eastman was antigay expert at Coughlin impeachment hearing

Seven years ago the new head of the National Organization for Marriage, John Eastman, testified at a House impeachment hearing in Denver called by then-first-term-Rep. Greg Brophy. The staunch social conservative lawmaker from Wray drew national attention when he targeted Denver Judge John Coughlin as an "activist judge" who took it upon himself to make pro-gay laws from the bench.

Redistricting is ugly for sure, but a look back at the...

Redistricting happens every 10 years. It's the law. It's never pretty and it is seldom fair, but it always gets done. Last time, it took years and years before the U.S. Supreme Court finally said enough is enough. Will Colorado go down that road again this year? No one knows. Democrats and Republicans will either compromise or they can carry their briefcases from the Capitol to the Court House. It is up to them.
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