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Senate passes 2017-18 state budget, but not without fights

*Update: the Senate voted 30-5 Thursday morning to approve the 2017-18 state budget. Four Democrats and one Republican, Sen. Owen Hill of Colorado Springs,...

Attorney General’s office opposes 2017 open records legislation

This story was originally published by the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition.  After months of work by stakeholders, proposed 2017 legislation is taking shape that...

Colorado lawmakers bump into death-row inmate Nathan Dunlap

In June, four Colorado legislators got face-to-face with death row inmate Nathan Dunlap, the Chuck E. Cheese killer whose execution was postponed last October...

Guv signs budget; local-control ghost bill makes racket; lots of bills...

This year's "long bill" includes more money for public safety, $144 million for flood and wildlife recovery and $100 million to make higher education in the state more affordable.

Colorado Open Records Reform Bill Draws Activist Ire

It is a bill good-government activists were supposed to get behind enthusiastically. Then they read it. Now they now decry it as being ambiguously worded and ripe for abuse.

Boulder Rep. Levy Drafting Bill to Repeal Death Penalty

State Rep. Claire Levy this week told The Colorado Independent she is writing a bill to eliminate the death penalty in Colorado. Levy, D-Boulder, said she will introduce the bill if she is satisfied it will have a strong chance of passing.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, say Colorado legislators

Ask any Colorado legislator what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming session and they will tell you they want to create jobs, or help businesses create jobs, or remove regulatory impediments to job creation, or improve access to capital.

Ranked voting will be on the ballot in Fort Collins

Advocates from across the political spectrum officially launched a campaign this week to radically change how Fort Collins elects city officials.

Battleground HD 52 stays in Democratic hands

After narrowly winning a first term to the state House in 2006, Democrat John Kefalas won a resounding victory over moderate Republican Bob McCluskey for the House District 52 seat in Fort Collins.

Liveblog: Colorado election returns for president, Congress, state assembly

Throughout the evening, The Colorado Independent will be tracking election returns across the state for hotly contested races from the the presidency on down.
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