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Wiretap: Why John Kerry may be a helicopter: Shariah in Iraq

Imposing law Mosul under ISIS: the BBC has video of the imposition of Shariah law a year after ISIS took over Iraq's second largest city....

Littwin: A pretty big deal

OK, the deal is not perfect. That's what the experts say anyway. It's not even a deal yet, although the way to bet is...

Gridlocking the pope on Gitmo

The Vatican has waded into the debate, frozen on Capitol Hill for six years, concerning the status of the men held in legal limbo...

Wiretap: The dangers of proxy war

  John Lee Anderson reminds us in the New Yorker of the dangers of the proxy war. Vladimir Putin is learning that lesson all too...

Wiretap: Putin’s mad plan to end drone attacks and close Gitmo

How does the "war on terror" end? It could end with the crisis in Ukraine. To quote Secretary of State John Kerry, "what comes after the war on terror is the '19th century.'”

Wiretap: Nuclear deal

The nuclear deal with Iran has been called a historic mistake (Netanyahu), a cautious first step (Kerry), another Munich (National Review) and an important agreement of unknown consequences (most of the foreign-policy establishment).

UN Arms Treaty: Another gun-rights cash cow

John Kerry has signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty, lending U.S. support to an effort aimed at slowing the flow of arms across borders and into the hands of the kind of people who this week turned a shopping mall in Kenya into a killing field.

Putin does the impossible: makes us root for him

Yeah, the same gay-bashing, Pussy Riot-jailing, Super-Bowl-ring-lifting, ex-KGB, loves-to-watch-old-clips-of-Khruschev-and-his-shoe Russian leader -- he's now our guy, the indispensable man in the unsolvable Syrian mess.

Political Catholic group seeks court ruling as defense against IRS

Catholic Answers, an information and advocacy group run by non-clergy members, last week asked the US Supreme Court to examine the way the Internal Revenue Service determines whether or not a nonprofit group has engaged in improper political activity. The group drew the attention of the IRS after criticizing Sen. John Kerry during his bid for president in 2004. To many, a case of this kind will seem long overdue, given the increasingly politicized nature of religious organizations in the United States over the last four decades.

Udall joins Senate group seeking to guard net neutrality from budget...

No one loved the internet rules written by the Federal Communications Commission last year that sought to safeguard the free-flowing egalitarian quality of the internet, where communication-industry giants don't get to decide which information streams to users and at what speed. One side thought the rules were overreaching socialism and the other thought they were riven with the kind of loopholes corporate interests could wiggle through when it came time to assert control. In the spring, Republicans in the House opposed to the rules voted to strip the FCC of the cash it would need to enforce the rules. On Wednesday, a small band of senators, including Colorado's Mark Udall, sent a letter to Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Ranking Member Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) objecting to the House action and asking the committee to strip out the budget amendment that would hold back the FCC funds.
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