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Colorado coal mine rep inaccurately claims methane flaring illegal

Obviously pleased with last week’s roadless ruling allowing Oxbow Mining to vent more methane at is Elk Creek Mine near Paonia, a company spokesman over the weekend also took the opportunity to skewer environmentalists on the issue of methane capture or flaring.

Kerry-Lieberman climate bill calls for disclosure of fracking chemicals

The Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act - climate change legislation at long last introduced in the U.S. Senate Wednesday - calls on oil and gas service companies like Halliburton to divulge chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells.

Markey, Salazar join effort to cool U.S.-Afghanistan relations

Colorado members of Congress Betsy Markey and John Salazar visited Afghanistan last week to take a read on President Hamid Karzai, who has been under fire as a waffling ally at best and a traitor at worst. As analysts increasingly train their focus on the country's engagement with Afghanistan, the American relationship with Karzai has grown volatile. Pres. Obama has been pressuring Karzai to retain foreign election fraud commissioners and to endorse the Kandahar offensive the U.S. is planning for later in the spring, but Karzai has been erratic, feeling undermined by Obama and America and seeming increasingly like an unraveling power-hungry dictator. Karzai said at the beginning of the month that if "foreign interference" in his government continues, he might join the Taliban as a legitimate force of resistance.

Bennet turns Denver Tea Party into 1st quarter cash

Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet flashed some of his major fundraising skills Wednesday night, his team churning out an email ask on the last...

Tea Party Express docks in Denver

DENVER-- The Tea Party Express tour (part three) has rolled into town and is holding a rally at the capitol here. The tour is hitting states where Congressional seats are in play and those include seats held by Colorado Democratic Reps Betsy Markey and John Salazar, both called out after their votes in favor of health care reform by Sarah Palin, who seems lately to be solidifying her place at the top of the Tea Party celebrity heap. There are rumors in the crowd here as there were in the capitol hallways today that Palin might speak to the Denver crowd even though it's not one of the two stops on the tour at which she is scheduled to appear.

Salazar’s GOP rivals would welcome Tea Partying Palin with open arms

CD4 Congresswoman Betsy Markey isn’t the only Democrat in the state feeling the heat from failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s “Tea Party Tour.”...

Malkin’s telephone Tea Party clogs Salazar, Markey’s voice mail, email

Apparently one of the favorite Tea Party pastimes is hanging out with a few thousand of your best, most conservative friends and flooding the...

Green investors target financial risks of hydraulic fracturing of gas wells

Green investment groups representing shareholders in the cleaner-than-coal natural gas industry are pressuring the nation’s major drilling companies to come clean on the process...

High-profile cases looming, Beeson backs out of CD3 race against Salazar

What with actor Charlie Sheen allegedly going rogue on his wife on Christmas Eve in Aspen and an English poker player being extradited to...

Salazar still weighing suspect Wolf Creek land exchange

Rep. John Salazar, D-Manassa, hasn’t yet made a decision about a proposed land swap in Wolf Creek, reports the Durango Herald today. Developer B.J. “Red"...
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