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Littwin: Meet the new CBO score — same as the old...

The much-anticipated CBO score is finally out for the latest iteration of Trumpcare, the one that passed the House three weeks ago without Paul...

Senate considering amendment that would eliminate ethanol subsidy

The U.S. Senate may vote as early as today on an amendment that would eliminate one of the major government subsidies for the production of corn-based ethanol.

U.S. Senate shoots down gun amendment

WASHINGTON -- In the year’s first high-profile legislative setback for the gun lobby, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday shot down legislation that would have scrapped state and local laws dictating who can carry concealed firearms.

The vote on the measure highlighted the chasm between lawmakers from less populous rural regions, where gun rights are sacrosanct, and those representing the more urban coastal states, where higher population densities and crime rates have led local governments to enact stricter limits on concealed-carry eligibility.

Sens Udall and Bennet vote in favor of controversial gun-rights amendment

**Updated below** Colorado's Democratic U.S. Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet today both voted in favor of an amendment to the Pentagon's budget bill that...

Wadhams’ quest for presidential Big Kahuna centers on South Dakota

Once upon a time, when Colorado GOP kingpin Dick Wadhams was referred to as “Rove 2.0”, the Las Animas political operative was on a fast track to manage a presidential campaign. U.S. Sen. George Allen's racist "macaca" gaffe uttered at a Virginia re-election campaign stop may have derailed then-campaign manager Wadham's direct trajectory toward the Big Kahuna. But long ties to a darkhorse 2012 Republican presidential candidate may give him another shot at a run at the White House.
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