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VIDEO: Tomasic and Resnick discuss personhood in Colorado and around the...

On Tuesday, the Virginia House passed a bill that would declare unborn fetuses people, thus banning abortion and potentially certain forms of contraception and some fertility treatments. This positions Virginia — which now has a Republican super-majority — to become the first state to enact a fetal personhood measure, which supporters hope will lead the Supreme Court to revisit the constitutionality of abortion rights.

VIDEO: Gessler skewered on Rachel Maddow

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow skewered Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler last night, relying heavily on the work of the Colorado Independent's John Tomasic in a report titled "Things to Sue in Denver When You're Suppressing Votes."

Greeley Tribune, other Swift papers, erecting paywalls

Swift Communications newspapers in Colorado will soon ask online readers to pay for access to content. The Carson City, Nevada-based company, which owns a slew of publications in Colorado and is sometimes mocked for its "McMountain News" mass-production publishing style, has already started erecting paywalls at publications elsewhere and will likely begin charging customers here next year. Analysts are viewing the move with skepticism, pointing out that in the wake of a decision this past spring to suspend comment features at its sites, Swift might be betting on a short-term cash-raising strategy in a shifting media environment that rewards the long play.
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