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The Indy 500: Alice Madden is the first high-profile woman in...

For those cheering Alice Madden’s decision to join the already-crowded U.S. Senate Democratic primary race — my scorecard has Madden, the former state House...

Littwin: In search of sage to explain why savvy Cory Gardner...

The big news from the U.S. Senate race in Colorado is not that Mike Johnston, a serious candidate, has just announced he’s getting in....

Colorado Republicans vote to fund fed war on medical marijuana

An amendment to the U.S. House Appropriations Bill that would have required the Department of Justice to stand down in pursuing cases against the medical marijuana industry failed Wednesday night on a mostly party line vote. Colorado's seven-member delegation split on the amendment, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting against.

Medical marijuana coalition asks U.S. Attorney Walsh to back off

A coalition of 11 medical marijuana patient and business advocacy organizations - including the United Food and Commercial Workers Union - today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney John Walsh in response to Walsh's call for the closure of 25 state-licensed medical marijuana businesses.

Medical marijuana “clean-up” moves out of Senate committee

A bill described as "clean-up" legislation for last year's medical marijuana regulations passed out of committee after hours of testimony that showed a clear rift in the medical marijuana provider community. Concerns were also expressed by the Colorado attorney general's office that the federal government may decide to step in.

Attorney Corry, Rep. Polis weigh in on Fed marijuana letter

Denver attorney Robert Corry spoke out this week against federal scare tactics he said were being used to create uncertainty in Colorado's medical marijuana community.

Federal pot crackdown hits Colorado–memos fly from DOJ to Suthers to...

Colorado now joins the list of medical marijuana states that have been warned off by The United States Department of Justice, having received a letter from U.S. Attorney for Colorado John Walsh Tuesday.