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Wiretap: No kidding, the CIA lied when it said torture worked

"The CIA concealed details about the severity of its methods and took credit for critical pieces of intelligence detainees had surrendered before being subjected to torture."

House passes budget; Senate passes recall election reform and voter fraud...

Notes from the 80th day of the 2014 legislative session

Littwin: Shooting blanks

A stunning thing happened Monday at the Senate committee hearing to repeal background checks for private gun sales. Nothing happened.

From the Congressional Junket File: Yes, Gardner went to Ireland

Colorado Rep Cory Gardner and his wife Jaime took a $17,000 five-day trip to Ireland in August, paid for by the Republican Party Ripon Society and the oil-magnate Koch brothers-funded Franklin Center.

Caldara writes off Vander Veen fraud probe: ‘Voter mischief now basically...

It's odd that anyone would take issue with people simply exercising "their new voting rights," Caldara said, all deadpan. "Maybe instead of getting angry at any of those people, they should fix the damn law."

Former El Paso Clerk staffer under investigation for voter fraud

DENVER -- El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams sent out for investigation the names of 18 voters suspected of committing fraud in the election to recall state Sen. John Morse. One of them may have belonged to his former chief deputy and spokesperson.

Littwin: Don’t need no outsiders, except our outsiders

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- the antigun, anti-big-gulp, billionaire nanny stater -- is back, now trying to force the good people of Colorado to give up our God-given right to underfund K-12 education.

Littwin: Teaching kids in TABOR-land

On Amendment 66, the argument isn't whether our schools should be better funded. They should be. The real argument is about where to get the money, which quickly devolves into a spat about robbery, redistribution and socialism!

Gessler on Caldara vote fraud: Meh, he did a public service

Voter-fraud hawk Scott Gessler, the secretary of state who has spent years looking (fruitlessly) under every Colorado rock for a fraudulent voter, has finally found one.

Caldara vote fraud case under attorney general review

The Colorado recall elections over gun rights, the first-ever state lawmaker recalls in Colorado history, spurred a flurry of lawsuits before Election Day. The legal wrangling shows no sign of ending any time soon.
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