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Union members are the new terrorists?

Look out environmental activists, union members and their supporters may now be hot on your tail for the “terrorist” label if one Colorado politico has anything to say about it.

Colorado ballot includes many a union-related measure

Colorado's 18 issue Herculean ballot this year — the longest in the nation, wouldn't you know — can be credited, in part, to people who love and hate unions. There are a total of seven labor-related ballot issues that will be put to beleaguered voters this November. We'll top off our ballot round up Monday with three of them.

We’re not kidding. Colorado’s ballot is huge.

Did we mention that Colorado's 18 issue ballot this year is long? As in, the longest in the country? And the longest in Colorado since 1912? We did? Well, here's something new to chew on. The two states pulling in second and third places -- Oregon and California -- don't even come close to touching our massive, large-and-in-charge ballot. Those states count a meager 12 questions on each of their ballots. Hell, Colorado beat that back in 1992, when voters weighed in on a record 13 questions. That was the longest ballot in recent memory. But now, Colorado has unearthed this leviathan ballot. In fact, the ballot is so big that it's impossible for us to continue our ballot run-down in neatly themed packages.

Shootin’, Smokin’ and Sippin’ with the Independence Institute

The Independence Institute’s sixth-annual Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) party kicked into high gear June 28 as revelers gathered to celebrate bullets, booze and tobacco.

Colorado Labor Battle Debuts On Web

A week after supporters of a "right-to-work" ballot proposal announced the creation of their campaign Web site, opponents of the measure have also taken...

Got Scandal? Call Out A Photo Op

Welcome to the season of guerilla political theater, the place of dueling ideologies where press types are invited to come and embrace ... the...
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