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Wiretap: Candidates gripe about big money in politics

The Benjamins If you want to know how bad big money is in presidential politics these days, all you have to do is listen to...

High Noon: Denver fracking, Stewart-Williams, Ryan Call agonistes

"Not to spoil the ending, but Brian Williams isn’t coming back. This is like a family telling their kids that their dog has gone to play on a beautiful farm far away."

Wiretap: Jon Stewart drops mic; Brian Williams suspended, gets NYPosted

It's actually true: Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. And liberals and other Stewart fans have no idea how they're going to get...

Wiretap: Climate change is here; wildfire season around the corner

The new study is comprehensive and unequivocal: dry regions are getting drier, wet regions wetter, heat waves more frequent, wildfires covering more ground, insects killing more trees.

Wiretap: Fixing the glitches

  We'll take a day off from leading with the mess du jour in Washington to go with this: Peyton Manning's first post-surgery pass was...

Wiretap: Shutdown continues, humiliation looms

Is there a way to walk the House Republicans back from the abyss? National Journal's Michael Hirsh says Obama will have to blink.

Wiretap: Shutdown Day 9, Obamacare still law, not going anywhere

It's Day 9 of the shutdown and we're no closer to a settlement than on Day 1. President Obama had a news conference calling out Republicans. John Boehner had a news conference calling out Obama.

VIDEO: Measure to require drug testing to receive public assistance passes...

Thursday, a Colorado House committee passed a bill to require individuals applying for cash assistance to first submit to drug testing. The bill passed out of committee on a party line vote, with Republicans casting the yes votes.

VIDEO: NM Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry on The Daily Show

Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry, the Santa Fe native awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama last week, later appeared on The Daily Show later. He spoke of his service and the raid in Afghanistan that cost him his hand, which is now replaced with an artificial hand. Stewart was speechless.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on the world ending

Will the world as we know it end on Saturday? No one knows. To help you in your weekend planning, though, we offer the insights of people who actually think they know, starting with Jon Stewart. We also sought out the sage advice of evangelical rapture author Tim LaHaye, who flat out calls end-of-world prophet Harold Camping a fraud and a false prophet.
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