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VIDEO: Jon Stewart analyzes Pawlenty on O’Reilly

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart appeared as a guest on Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor last night and ran down his take on GOP presidential candidates. While Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann got mention, more as a punchline — “If Sarah Palin doesn’t run, Michele Bachmann could definitely put on that blazer” — Tim Pawlenty got props for seeming “like a reasonable guy.” But, Stewart added, Pawlenty has left Minnesota in worse shape than did, say, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

VIDEO: Kyl skewered for ‘not intended as factual’ slam on Planned...

Cable TV news satirists Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert mocked Arizona Senator Jon Kyl Monday for the way he overstepped in making the case against Planned Parenthood on the floor of the Senate last week. Kyl's wild exaggeration about Planned Parenthood and abortion, however, served to underline the distortions at the heart of the broader campaign waged against Planned Parenthood since January.

Coming Congressional Muslim-radicalization hearings criticized as hypocrytical circus

Tomorrow New York Republican Rep. Peter King will open his Homeland Security Committee hearings on the question of whether or not Muslim-Americans are doing enough to help safeguard the nation from terrorism. The hearings have been pilloried as an exercise in attention-grabbing ethnic-baiting and scapegoating and as an essentially unfair government-sanctioned exercise in Islamophobia. After all, what ethnic group in America is doing enough to safeguard the nation from terrorism? Could any group -- much less a loosely affiliated ethnic or religious group-- do enough to safeguard the nation from terrorism? King has responded to such criticism by doubling down. He has rearranged the committee schedule to ratchet up its partisan circus quality and he has dismissed his own past as an unabashed supporter of the terrorist Irish Republican Army.

Defunding abortion may have wide repercussions

The U.S. House of Representative's move to strip federal funding from any program related in any way to abortion could have wide-reaching consequences.

Rally to Restore Sanity works — thousands now much calmer

The Rally to Restore Sanity drew tens of thousands to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and maybe a couple of thousand to Civic...

Daily Show comes to Denver for a Saturday kick in the...

OK. It's finally time for a little sanity. From now until the election, all candidates have agreed to run only positive ads, to disavow...

Obama on Daily Show praises Markey for taking ‘tough votes’

President Barack Obama Wednesday told the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that he hopes Democrats who took the tough votes on health care reform, reshaping...

VIDEO: Heston via Jon Stewart defends ‘Ground Zero mosque’

For those who haven't yet seen the video, Jon Stewart flipped the script on the "Ground Zero mosque" debate last night on the Daily...

‘We’re cleaning up the mess,’ Salazar tells Daily Show’s Stewart

Bearing his signature bolo tie and hat, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar traded quips with Jon Stewart in a jovial but news-free interview Thursday night on The Daily Show. "We're cleaning up the mess" left by the Bush administration, the former Colorado senator told Stewart, acknowledging "maybe it's quite a mess."

Salazar and his Stetson to appear on ‘The Daily Show’

Will he cowboy up or not? Interior Sec. Ken Salazar is set to appear on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" for one-on-one interview Thursday.
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