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Stewart throttles Cramer, financial news for shilling for Wall Street

Dubbed "Brawl Street," comedian Jon Stewart took CNBC's "Mad Money" Jim Cramer — and financial market pundits in absentia — to task for the lack of critical reporting on "dangerous and ethically dubious" Wall Street activities that led to the nation's economic crisis. Here's a sample of the March 12 episode of "The Daily Show."

Jon Stewart explains banking collapse

As news hit this week of a banking collapse in America that has further threatened an already weak economy and plummeted stocks on Wall Street in what some analysts call the worst stock market crash since the Great Depression, the economic genius otherwise known as Jon Stewart has cleverly explained what is really going on.

‘The Daily Show’s’ Stewart satirically slams Colorado

The writers of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" basically consider Coloradans a bunch of beer-guzzling, trout-fishing, ultrafit and suspiciously nice outdoorsmen. They led off the taping of Tuesday’s show — the first of three from the University of Denver during the DNC — with a beer-ad-spoof medley from their fake news correspondents.
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