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Poll finds Coloradans back gas over coal as PUC weighs Xcel...

Colorado residents overwhelmingly prefer renewable energy and natural gas to coal as an energy source, according to a poll released Tuesday ahead of Colorado Public Utilities Commission deliberations over a controversial energy bill passed last legislative session.

Colorado’s GOP leadership rallies around Maes, Wadhams – with a few...

Whether Republicans like it or not, Dan Maes is their nominee for governor. Whether they like him or not, most GOP county chairs in Colorado say they support Maes. The Colorado Independent called all 64 county GOP chairs, spoke with 28, and left messages for most of the rest.

Norton baffles by turning to McCain in final primary push

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton is teaming up again with John McCain, this time for a campaign swing on the last weekend of the GOP primary. Norton's betting that Colorado GOP voters will be more turned on by McCain's hawkish stand on the Afghanistan war than they will be turned off by the record of lukewarm conservativism that steered them away from his 2008 presidential candidacy in droves.

Tancredo tops McInnis in Post poll of strongest GOP candidates

According to a new Denver Post poll, Republicans likely to vote in next month’s gubernatorial primary like former Congressman Tom Tancredo over scandalized former...

Hickenlooper defends Denver against ‘sanctuary city’ charges

Democratic candidate for governor John Hickenlooper defended himself last week against mounting accusations from Republicans that, as mayor, he has run Denver as a so-called sanctuary city, where illegal immigrants are directly and indirectly protected against federal immigration laws and possible deportation. It's a charge that has gained traction in the weeks since Arizona lawmakers passed a controversial suite of immigration laws and as the move to remake federal immigration policy in Washington heats up.

Coffman, Colorado GOP clamor for environmental protection after blasting Salazar for...

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman’s scathing attack on Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Wednesday at a House Natural Resources Committee oversight hearing on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill sounded a little like a jewel thief berating the cops for not catching him sooner.

Bill to stall closure of Xcel coal-fired power plant fizzles late...

Lawmakers earlier this week pulled the plug on a bill aimed at stalling the closure of Xcel Energy’s aging and inefficient Cameo Station coal-fired...

Redistricting law passes granting courts greater discretion

DENVER-- A bill that will remove regulations imposed on the state Supreme Court when asked to determine legislative districts, passed this final week of the legislative session.

Bold bipartisan bill will rework Colorado higher ed funding

DENVER-- The Higher Education Flexibility Act passed the Senate last week and is scheduled to make it to the House Monday. It's a bold bill that would rearrange the relationship between public universities and the government. It would mean greater autonomy for university administrations which, for example, would be free to levy tuition hikes under 9 percent per year. Current higher education funding in low-tax recession-wracked Colorado has become unsustainable. The new bill seeks to buffer universities against a likely $300 million funding cut next year.

Teacher tenure ‘juggernaut’ bill clears Senate, faces tougher battle in House

SB 191, the teacher tenure bill that has divided traditional political allies and made for strange-bedfellows in the State Legislature this session, passed on...
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