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Republican House leaders fast-track Lamborn bill to defund NPR

Colorado-Springs Republican Doug Lamborn has led the charge for two years to ban federal funding for National Public Radio programming. His bill has gained traction among Republican House leaders just as a conservative dirty-tricks media campaign waged against the public broadcaster has made news. Majority Leader Eric Cantor, looking to strike while the iron is hot, fast-tracked the bill, lining up a vote for today. The bill cuts no money from the federal budget.

Killing Big Bird: GOP budget would end PBS / NPR funding

The Republican House majority put out a shocker of a budget Thursday that would slash spending by $32 billion in the next seven months. Among the glaringly ideological Republican targets are environmental protection programs and public broadcasting. The "war on Big Bird," as some fans of PBS have called it, has a strong backer in Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn, who this session has introduced two bills to zero out funds for public TV and radio.

Lamborn leverages FOX anti-NPR campaign to win support for anti-PBS bill

Colorado Springs U.S.Rep. Doug Lamborn is leveraging the FOX News campaign to strip taxpayer funding from National Public Radio to ignite interest in a...
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