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Littwin: Whatever Trump or Pelosi hopes, it looks like impeachment isn’t...

For those still keeping score at home, Robert Mueller is out, and Jerry Nadler is now in. Anyone (like me) who thought the momentum for...

Polis appointed to Judiciary Committee

Congressman Jared Polis, D-CO, today was named to the House Committee on the Judiciary by the House Democratic Caucus.

House Dems press for full vote on Colorado civil unions bill

Activists, lobbyists and citizens this week have been pressing for at least one of six Republican members of the state House Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of sending Pat Steadman's same-sex civil unions bill to the House floor for debate. On Tuesday, the House Democratic caucus officially joined the campaign.

The Republican dilemma: Colorado civil unions debate spotlights conservative-politics fault line

The coming debate in the Colorado House Judiciary Committee on same-sex civil unions bill SB 172 will center on Republican arguments for and against the legislation. The debate scheduled to take place under the Dome in Denver Thursday will underline the dynamics shaping the larger national debate on gay rights-- a debate that now pits Republicans against Republicans because Democrats and Independents have already made up their minds on the matter.
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