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Ron Paul praises WikiLeaks, blasts America’s rush to war

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) delivered a strong anti-war message at an appearance this weekend in Des Moines, praising whistle blowers like WikiLeaks, questioning the use of drone missile strikes and calling for more information going out to citizens before the military intervenes overseas.

Over half of 2011 New York Times issues contain articles sourced...

Despite attempts by the federal government to delegitimize WikiLeaks, a new review from The Atlantic indicates that the whistleblowing organization has a great deal of impact on the media conversation over international relations, particularly in coverage from the news organization WikiLeaks has quarreled with the most, The New York Times.

Wikileaks: The killer app for any would-be leakers anywhere

The discussion in the Unites States over the legality of Wikileaks, the wondering over whether it qualifies as an enemy of the state, considerations...

Ellsberg calls Assange and Manning heroes, lets Clinton off hook

Blogger-troublemaker-muckraker and sometime L.A. radio host Brad Friedman Wednesday nabbed Daniel Ellsberg for an interview. Ellsberg, the Defense Department analyst who leaked the 1960s...
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