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Wiretap: Senate vows a real (un-Nunes-like) investigation of Russian role in...

In a rare show of 21st-century Washington bipartisanship, Senate Intelligence Committee leaders have joined in vowing a thorough investigation of Russian interference in the...

Wiretap: In Kansas, little love for the guy they know

He's running as an independent who will caucus with whichever party has the majority. Kansans don't know him, really, which gives him a real chance to defeat Sen. Pat Roberts.

Wiretap: Rubio at sea on climate change science, economics

He pre-launches a presidential bid with a bold leadership position: He says he's not sure climate change is real and it doesn't make economic sense to do anything about it if it were real.

Presidents Day Wiretap: The minimum wage is not a handout

The strange thing about the conservative objection to a minimum wage hike is that the hike is everything conservatives say they believe in.

WATCH: Maes makes his case on YouTube woodsy home video

Dan Maes, the grassroots tea party candidate for governor of Colorado besieged and rejected by state Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams and Republican leaders...

Political science prof uncovers MO behind Maes’ undercover cop claims

How to explain GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes’ now-suspect claims that he was an undercover officer with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in the...

AG Suthers argues water before the Supremes

John Suthers, Colorado’s Attorney General, is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court today to go to battle with Kansas in a dispute over water that has been going on for more than a century. It is the first time that Suthers, formerly the U.S. Attorney for Colorado, former head of the Department of Corrections, former 5th Judicial District Attorney and recent correspondent from the Republican National Convention, has been before the highest court in the land.
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