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Guest Post: With Kavanaugh nomination, the threat to gut Roe becomes...

One of the defining characteristics of Colorado is that we are a pro-choice state, and have been since we became the first state to...

NARAL denounces ColoradoCare, saying it would restrict abortions

Colorado’s leading pro-choice group has come out against Amendment 69, saying the proposed single-payer ColoradoCare system would impede abortion access in the state. "I think...

Get Them All Out: Colorado Dems bet big on ground game

  TEN miles west of Denver, Shawna Fritzler’s upper-middle-class development blooms on a rural two-lane road peppered by occasional crumbling farmhouses. This conservative hamlet in...

Reanimated Colorado abortion bill fuels anxious opposition

Colorado lawmakers today will consider a bill that would ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest and make it a Class 3 felony for doctors to perform the procedure.

Rights activists looking to pressure Ritter on informed-consent search bill

Civil rights activists are turning up pressure on Gov. Bill Ritter to sign legislation this week that would force police to inform citizens of their right to deny police searches.

Bill strengthening rights against searches draws unanimous Senate support

DENVER-- A rare case of agreement has broken out at the Capitol. Lawmakers on the right and left agree that better rules should be put in place to guard against police searches and seizures. A bill that would require law enforcement (pdf) to inform individuals of their right to refuse searches of themselves and their cars passed the Senate unanimously, thirty-five votes to zero. The ACLU has launched an action campaign championing the bill and asking Gov. Bill Ritter, a former district attorney and strong law enforcement advocate, to sign it straightaway.

State lawmakers seek to bolster consumer protections against collection agencies

DENVER-- The House passed legislation Monday meant to tighten guidelines on debt collection agency practices, offering Colorado debtors an added measure of protection from unscrupulous and illegal collection tactics at a time when more Americans are defaulting on credit card debt than ever before.

Consent-to-search bill takes aim at racial profiling

DENVER-- Backed by a coalition of citizens' rights groups, Democratic lawmakers Rep. Karen Middleton of Aurora and Sen. Pat Steadman of Denver introduced a bill that would require police to inform citizens of their right to refuse voluntary searches. The groups backing the bill believe it would limit traffic stops and searches that stem from discrimination.

More vacancy committees slated for off-session legislative hopefuls

Michael Johnston's win in the SD 33 vacancy committee election Monday night is just one of a handful of district party gatherings expected within the next few weeks to choose successors for state lawmakers departing for greener pastures.
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