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FOX News: Palin has hit the books since disastrous Couric interviews

FOX News gave Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin the chance on Friday to study up and retake the pop quiz she failed earlier this week when she couldn't tell CBS anchor Katie Couric which Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with or which newspapers she regularly read.

Palin fumbles question on Supreme Court decisions, endorses privacy right

Maybe she really doesn't read newspapers. In an exchange that has had pundits buzzing for days -- before anyone outside CBS News had even seen it -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin squirms and spouts mildly connected phrases when asked to name a Supreme Court decision that she disagrees with by CBS anchor Katie Couric, in an interview airing Wednesday evening.

Palin won’t name a single newspaper she reads

In yet another segment of Katie Couric's seemingly endless interview with Sarah Palin aired Tuesday on the CBS Evening News, the Alaska governor refuses to name a single newspaper or magazine she regularly reads. Instead, the journalism major claims she reads "all of them, any of them" when Couric presses for specifics.

UPDATED: Free Sarah Palin from the media blackhole

John McCain has suspended his campaign so he can go back to D.C. and work on fixing this whole economy thing. OK, whatever. But as David Letterman pointed out last night, at least one person on McCain's campaign doesn't need to head back to D.C. — Sarah Palin. So far, though, McCain has seemed loathe to allow her out in public. If he believes she'll make a great VP — or president, if he doesn't beat the actuary tables — why not have her take his place for a few days?

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