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KBDI takes regular broadcast signal down to work on digital transmitter

Fans of Denver public television station KBDI who haven't converted to digital reception will be in the dark until Jan. 16, the station announced on its Web site. The station, which airs on Channel 12, is giving viewers a taste of the digital future, when old-fashioned rabbit-ears antennae will only pick up static, as KBDI fine-tunes its transmitter. Viewers who watch the station over cable or satellite systems won't notice any difference.

Musgrave says no to fire-breathing non-liberals — and to free TV

Dear Marilyn Musgrave: I am not a liberal. I am also not a “Democratic consultant.” When your spokesman called me that, my wife and all my friends laughed so hard it sounded like they were howling. And you know what? Your resulting decision to not come on TV and be interviewed, as your opponent Betsy Markey agreed to do, did nothing more than strip you of the opportunity to get a half-hour of free air time. Sincerely, Eric Sondermann.

KBDI to air ballot issue debates Mondays

Denver public television KBDI Channel 12 plans to air half-hour debates every Monday in September examining measures facing voters in the November election, which will have the longest ballot since Colorado first allowed citizen initiatives.
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