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Sit on the curb, go to jail

Sit in the wrong place in downtown Colorado Springs, and you could find yourself arrested. At least, that would be the case if Mayor...

How to ask for a billion dollars

DENVER -- Colorado Senator Mike Johnston, a former high school teacher and principal, spearheaded the effort. It took 2 years, 250 public meetings and it involved 2,000 individual stakeholders. The result is a bill that would rewrite the formula for funding state K-12 public education in a way that boosts the education budget and makes spending more accountable and more effective.

Bill would give Colorado college students more degree options

Thursday, the Senate Education Committee passed the bipartisan Opportunities for Higher Ed Success Act, sponsored by Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminister, and Sen. Keith King, R-Colorado Springs.

Health exchange bill passes even as debate centers on Affordable Care...

Republicans attacked a bipartisan bill to set up a health benefit exchange in Colorado with a 3rd reading poison-pill amendment Wednesday while calling the bill an extension of the Federal program. Democrats voting to pass it said that the bill was anything but that.

ASSET bill passes Senate: faces uncertain future in House

After extensive and energetic debate, a bill which would allow undocumented students who attended high school in Colorado access to in-state tuition, passed second hearing in the Senate in a 20-13 vote. The bill passed on party lines.

With deep cuts looming some Colorado school districts look to Walmart...

The surplus of $172.6 million transferred to the education fund in the governor's 2010-2011 FY budget isn't expected to do much to save school districts from having to make deep cuts that would see teachers and staff lose jobs.

Colorado Senate Republican women vote ‘aye’ on civil unions, send strong...

Senate Republicans delivered Pat Steadman's same-sex civil unions bill to the Republican-controlled House Thursday with momentum and a message. Although the twelve Republican men in the Senate voted against it, the three Republican women in the Senate voted in favor of the bill, making the case to leaders of the Republican-controlled House to take up the bill with good faith and allow it to move beyond committees and onto the floor of the House for a vote.

In-state tuition for undocumented students moves forward

The bill offering in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants passed out of the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday under intense scrutiny by Republicans of bill sponsors' claims that undocumented alien students would not be subsidized by Colorado tax dollars.

Bill to educate un-convicted imprisoned youth moves forward

DENVER-- Colorado is one step closer to providing education to youth awaiting trial as adults in jails across the state. The current status quo sees un-convicted teenagers languishing for months and years in adult prisons ill-equipped to provide even constitutionally mandated services such as education.

Jindal flame-out politics, Colorado-style

Colorado's politics junkies were likely not surprised by Republican leading light Bobby Jindal's flame-out on national TV, as he rushed through his ill-conceived response to Obama's non-State of the Union.
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