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Colorado’s Congressional incumbents easily hold on to their seats

Veteran Congresswoman Diana DeGette easily fended off progressive insurgent Saira Rao in the Democratic primary for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District, claiming about 72 percent of […]...

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June 26, 2018 Just In, The Mix

Littwin: It’s not only hearts that are broken when kids are killed in school shootings

If we didn’t know better — and, of course, we do — we’d think it was pretty much impossible for a president to appear on […]...

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February 15, 2018 Just In, Littwin, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats

Littwin: The topic that’s safe to discuss over a Turkey Day meal

Since we’re well into Thanksgiving week, I’ve been searching for a column topic that is safe to discuss over dinner with your once-upon-a-time favorite relative. […]...

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November 22, 2017 Just In, Littwin, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Littwin: Mooch fever breaks even as GOP politicians begin to wake up to see the real disease

Give the Mooch this much. In return for 10 days of abasement, a lost marriage, a lost business, and a stream of quotes in The […]...

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August 1, 2017 Just In, Littwin, Littwin Columns, Politics, The Beats

Republican Rep. Ken Buck quietly meets with Trump critics to talk health care

It wasn’t quite a town hall meeting, but it wasn’t a duck-and-cover teleconference, either. Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Greeley on Tuesday night met […]...

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February 22, 2017 Health, Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

HOUSE OF CALLS: We know you want to contact your D.C. lawmakers, Colorado. Here’s how.

  If Congress were a frat house and phone-answering staffers were the pledges, the past seven days would have basically been Hell Week. The start of Donald […]...

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January 30, 2017 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

Where Colorado officials stand on Trump’s refugee order

  News of President Donald Trump temporarily slamming the borders on all refugees for 120 days— and for Syrians indefinitely— while blocking refugees from seven […]...

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January 29, 2017 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Blogs, The Mix

What a delegate race looks like on the ground in Colorado right now

  Carolyn Olson is a fundraiser for a Denver-area political consulting firm, so she’s used to helping other people get elected. These days, though, she’s […]...

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April 1, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Is Adams County the new bellwether for Colorado politics?

  The winner of Adams County’s House and Senate races will likely determine which Party controls Colorado’s legislature. State GOP Chair Steve House, who hails from […]...

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March 30, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Ken Buck opposes naming a post office after Maya Angelou

  Poet Maya Angelou’s face may already grace a U.S. postal stamp, but should she have a North Carolina post office named after her too? A […]...

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March 3, 2016 Just In, Politics, The Beats, The Mix

Just In

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Digital Media, Digital Citizens: A Community Conversation with Seth Geiger

The Colorado Media Project is committed to sharing new, inspiring ideas about the future of news that are timely and relevant to our Colorado community. Join us […]

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In Colorado, Democrats see a strong money haul as GOP relies on super PACs

Call Wednesday’s filing deadline the calm-before-the-general-election storm — the first time candidates and campaigns had to show the public their books since the June 26 […]

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