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Lucky Buck: Stephens’ struggle with GOP base not likely to ease

Not a vote has been cast yet, but Ken Buck seems to be winning this year's Republican primary contest the same way he won the U.S. Senate Republican primary contest in 2010.

Uranium processing bill makes it out of Senate, heads back to...

The state Senate Wednesday passed a tough new uranium processing bill that will require companies to clean up past toxic pollution before being allowed...

Cañon City activist chooses legislation over litigation in battle with uranium...

Sharyn Cunningham and her family bought five acres in Cañon City’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1994, and for eight years they used a drinking water well contaminated by the nearby Cotter uranium mill.

Uranium surge prompts Colorado lawmakers to call for stiff cleanup regulations

A coalition of conservation groups warily eyeing a possible resurgence of Colorado uranium mining in the wake of a national push for more nuclear energy rallied support for a bipartisan uranium cleanup bill at the Capitol Thursday.

Conservative blogger calls on Renfroe to resign over ‘bigoted’ remarks; Colorado...

Conservative blogger and columnist Ari Armstrong says state Sen. Scott Renfroe should resign and calls on the state GOP to "publicly condemn" the Greeley Republican for his remarks comparing homosexuality to murder during a debate over a bill to extend health benefits to same-sex partners of state employees. "It's the right thing to do," Armstrong writes in his FreeColorado.com blog, "and it's also the prudent political move, if the GOP wishes to be taken seriously as a political force in Colorado."

Senate Minority Office ‘applauds’ mangled quote from Ritter on Gitmo

ColoradoSenateNews.com is at it again. The partisan communications operation of the Republican Colorado Senate Minority office issued a gleeful press release Monday applauding "Ritter's change of tune on Gitmo detainees." The release includes an audio clip that appears to represent Gov. Bill Ritter suggesting Guantanamo Bay prisoners should be sent to Pakistan rather than housed at the Supermax federal detention facility in Florence. Except that's not what Ritter said on a radio broadcast Monday morning, and the audio clip included on the ColoradoSenateNews site -- while presenting itself as a seamless statement from Ritter -- edits out a lengthy discussion that narrows the topic considerably while also criticizing the Bush administration for bungling the cases against many of the Gitmo detainees.
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