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Wiretap: Hillary Clinton’s email controversy worsens

Virus detected The latest from the Hillary Clinton email front (none of it good for Clinton): Bloomberg reports that the FBI has recovered many of...

Bennet ranked fifth most bipartisan Democrat in Senate

The Washington Post crunched the numbers on the votes of the 114th Congress so far and came up with a list of the ten most...

Wiretap: Climate change politics not going away

Democrats made a big bet -- mostly with Tom Steyer's money -- that they could make the environment a major issue in the 2014 midterms. It didn't work out so well. But 2016 could be different.

Beauprez focuses on federal issues in Colorado gubernatorial race

Back in January former Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez said he couldn’t decide wether to run for U.S. senator or governor of Colorado. Nine months later, in the home stretch of his gubernatorial race against incumbent Democrat John Hickenlooper, it appears Beauprez has taken something of a combo approach — bringing federal issues into a race to lead the state, time and time again.