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Tea Party ralliers praise Ryan budget and Wisconsin union busting

Tea Party and Koch-funded libertarian organizations took to the Capitol steps Friday in an attempt to call on Colorado legislators and politicians to fight against union rights in Wisconsin and voice their commitment to Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan.

Colorado climate-change clash: Gardner votes down DeGette on greenhouse gases

The House Energy and Commerce Committee was the site of a climate change Colorado showdown Tuesday. Considering a bill that would block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating green-house gas emissions, the committee's majority Republicans voted in lockstep against broad consensus among the world's scientists that climate change exists. Colorado Democratic member of the committee Rep. Diana DeGette introduced an amendment that asserted that greenhouse gases generated by human activity were the "root cause" of global warming. Colorado Republican Rep. Cory Gardner joined with the other thirty Republicans in voting down DeGette's amendment and two other similar amendments put forward by Democrats.

Climate change fight absent in DC but on in Calif. over...

In the absence of meaningful legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions in Washington, the fight surrounding California’s ballot measure, Proposition 23, is rapidly becoming...
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